Voice Lessons

We use our voice in our lives daily.  It is one of the hardest instruments to master and also one of the most rewarding.   The voice is an instrument of the mind and body.  It is developed through love, training, musicality and an understanding of the physical actions of the anatomy.  Voice students, not unlike instrumentalists, over time through strong musical training will develop a sense for their instrument.  They will begin to feel and hear to colours and tones that are pleasant to the ear. Vocal-PerformanceWhatever the students genre of choice is (eg. Pop, jazz, musical theatre, classical, opera or folk each student will learn about proper voice placement for health and longevity) There will also be focus on music theory, sight reading, ear training and repertoire to build the students skills and confidence.  It is not only important to build a strong and healthy voice, but a strong sense of musicianship.  Practice in breathing and technique daily helps the student reach their goals quickly.  The voice is a muscle and like all the other muscles in the body, repetition is the only way the build strength and abilities.


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