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Our school will be introducing cello to the September 2016 program!  We are very excited to add cello to our program as we have a strong community of violinists ranging in ages 6- adult and how wonderful will be to see violin and cello collaborated together at our concerts.  If you are interested in being placed on the growing waitlist for September, please contact the school.   We accept registrations on a first come first serve basis.

Semi-private lessons available (2 students per class) Specific instruments only. Central downtown Poco location. Easy for drop-off & Pick up. *We offer a discount for families with 2 or more children enrolled and full-time University students.


Violin is an instrument for any age. Our teachers have taught students of all ages from beginner to advanced levels. Because violin is a melodic instrument, TCSM includes some of your lessons and rehearsals and all performance opportunities with piano accompaniment. These opportunities increase students’ musicianship as they shift from only listening to themselves to being able to listen to the other musician while playing their instrument.   Masterclasses are provided as well. All violin students can come together as a time of encouragement to play for one another before a performance. The violin is a social instrument. Playing duets and in small ensembles are common and fun! Grade 3 level and up students are encouraged to join a local youth orchestra where friendships and life-long memories await you.Our students are fortunate to have two local youth orchestras to choose from: http://www.surreysymphony.com/home and http://coquitlamyouthorchestra.ca/about-us/

If you are a new student to violin and wanting a trial lesson, there is no need to buy a violin immediately. After your trial lesson you may rent to own violins at either, Tom Lee or Long & McQuade stores.

Semi-private lessons available (2 students per class) Specific instruments only. Central downtown Poco location. Easy for drop-off & Pick up. *We offer a discount for families with 2 or more children enrolled and full-time University students.


Piano lessons for children

Learning the piano is an ideal instrument to begin learning music.  Most students at the age 5 have the finger dexterity to play the piano.   Proven studies have shown that children who take piano lessons improve their eye and hand co-ordination,  problem solving skills and improve their IQ.  They will develop self-discipline, a sense of proud personal accomplishment and learn valuable lifelong skills that will carry with them until adulthood. During their first year of lessons, children will need daily access to a minimum of a 61 key digital piano with weighted keys.  Gordon-Bill-PianoAfter the first year of lessons, students are required to practice on a full 88 key digital piano with weighted keys or an upright acoustic piano.  After the 3rd year of lessons, students will need  an upright acoustic piano. Students are expected to practice a minimum of 15-20 minutes per day for the first six months, leading into 30 minutes per day into the 2nd year. Students who practice regularly will reep all the benefits listed above.

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Piano lessons for adults

Graham-PerformingWhether returning to the piano or wanting to check off the bucket list, playing the piano is a great stress reliever. More and more, adults are learning to play the piano for their own enjoyment, and many returning from a break are rediscovering a hidden passion.  Here at TCSM, we offer ‘adult only’ recitals where friends and family can come to cheer on!
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Voice Lessonsregistration-button-small

We use our voice in our lives daily.  It is one of the hardest instruments to master and also one of the most rewarding.   The voice is an instrument of the mind and body.  It is developed through love, training, musicality and an understanding of the physical actions of the anatomy.  Voice students, not unlike instrumentalists, over time through strong musical training will develop a sense for their instrument.  They will begin to feel and hear to colours and tones that are pleasant to the ear. Vocal-PerformanceWhatever the students genre of choice is (eg. Pop, jazz, musical theatre, classical, opera or folk each student will learn about proper voice placement for health and longevity) There will also be focus on music theory, sight reading, ear training and repertoire to build the students skills and confidence.  It is not only important to build a strong and healthy voice, but a strong sense of musicianship.  Practice in breathing and technique daily helps the student reach their goals quickly.  The voice is a muscle and like all the other muscles in the body, repetition is the only way the build strength and abilities.


Songbirds Choir  (ages 4-8)

1 hour weekly lessons + performance on June 23rd or 24th.
$35.00 per month + $25 one-time Registration fee. Tax incl.

Fridays 5:15 pm – 6:15 p.m

Choir director: Risa

This includes a rehearsal before the concert and the performers & 3 family members to attend the concert. Extra tickets are $5 per student or $10 for adults.

Please inquire to be put on a waitlist. For inquiries, please contact us: 604-474-4766 or info@tricityschoolofmusic.com choir

Group Theory & History

Theory (Level 3/4)

Teacher: Laurie
Schedule: Mondays 3:30 pm – 4:15 pm September 11th 2017 – May 7th 2018

group-theory-and-historyBasic Theory (Level 5) Ages 12 and up

Teacher: Laurie
Schedule: Mondays 6:30 pm – 7:15 pm September 11th, 2017 – May 8th, 2018

Music material required. RCM examination at the end of the program in May 2018 or August 2018

Group Harmony III (Advanced) 

Teacher: Laurie
Schedule: Mondays, Time TBD.

Group History I, II, III  

Teacher: Laurie
Schedule: Mondays, Time TBD.

Registration for September 2017 begins from March 1st – August 31st.


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